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Current version: slacko-5.7

About Slacko

Slacko Puppy Linux is an operating system for your computer.

An operating system is the base software in your computer which is responsible for booting your computer and managing all the resources including, but not limited to, the hardware and peripherals, memory and programs. Microsoft™ Windows, Apple™ Mac OSX and Ubuntu™ Linux™ are examples of operating systems.

Slacko Puppy is built from the Woof-CE build system originally developed by Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux, now maintained by a community team. It is compatible with the binary packages of Slackware 14.0. This is the last release in the current series. It features the 3.4.82 (4g) and 3.10.32 (PAE) linux kernels.

Slacko boots straight to a usable desktop and incorporates an improved firstrun wizard which allows you to set your locale for language, timezone, keyboard and display then goes straight into a connection wizard to get you online via your choice of connection type. Slacko supports many wired and wireless network connections, dialup with externel modems, cell phones and 3G modems.

The latest Firefox-17 ESR browser is included for a full featured browsing experience. Firefox-27 is available as an alternative in the Package Manager. Adobe Flash Player is downloadable with the GetFlash tool, available from Menu > Internet. If you don't like Firefox there is a choice of Opera, Seamonkey, Google Chrome or Chromium browsers all available from the Puppy Package Manager. Once you have saved a Puppy session, you have the choice to download the "devx", which is the Puppy compiling environment comprising of gcc, the GNU C compiler, and all development libraries for included programs. The full kernel source is also available from the new SFS manager in case you need to compile a particular kernel module.

Once you have finished a Puppy session you can save it or not. Saving can be done to a variety of media, the choice is yours. It is all taken care of at power down. You can install Puppy so you can boot off your hard drive, CD/DVD drive, USB drive or you can even boot over the LAN network with some extra packages.

There is a huge variety of PET (Puppy Extra Treats) packages in the Puppy Package Manager to cover almost any need, There are also several SFS packages for very large programs whch are easy to install with a special tool which takes care of installing them.

Puppy uses JWM as it's window manager, an extremely lightweight tool and combined with ROX Filer makes for a snappy and extensible desktop. You can easily change themes and wallpapers and there are several gtk themes, JWM themes, Icon themes and wallpapers included.

Slacko Theming

You can change anything you want! There are several wallpapers and themes included or you can download other themes from the Puppy Package Manager.

Plenty of options !

slacko moon slacko guitar slacko jetty slacko sunset slacko blue2